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  1. I live in Carmel and have been working with Senator Bill Monning’s office on the subject of the CRV fee charged by the state. There is no viable option on the Peninsula to recover the fee. The only option is to drive to the north side of Marina which obviously is not cost effective. I asked the Senator to introduce legislation to rescind the fee in communities like ours where there is no option to recover the fee. The law clearly states the process for refunds and for store compliance. I am not aware of any stores that comply with the law. The Senator’s office agrees but he declines to pursue the legislation saying this is part of a bigger issue on which the state is working. I think that means the money that they receive for the fee is needed to help the CA budget. If this is a tax, then let’s call it a tax or eliminate it. the problem is that American consumers don’t really know how to recycle and the Chinese will not accept materials that are filthy. I would like to see if your organization would take up this issue. I have some documentation of the process I have been following. Thanks.

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