Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association: Expert Oversight on Behalf of Citizens

The following Citizens Oversight Committees include representation from the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association:

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee – Measure P (2010) – Rick Heuer

Monterey Peninsula College Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee – Measure I (2002) – Rick Heuer

Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District Citizens Oversight Committee – Mail BallotĀ (2004) and Measure EĀ (2016) Special Tax – Ron Pasquinelli (formerly Rick Heuer) Pasquinelli served on the oversight committee from 2011 through 2016 and his final term expired at the end of 2016. At this time no member of the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association serves on this committee.

Monterey-Salinas Transit Citizens Oversight Committee – Measure Q (2014) Sales Tax – Harry Mucha

Transportation Agency for Monterey County Citizens Oversight Committee – Measure X (2016) Sales Tax – Tom Rowley (Jack Jensen – alternate)