On October 16, 2016, the Monterey County Herald published a commentary by Ron Pasquinelli, President of the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association, in opposition to Measure E on the November 8 ballot. Measure E would authorize a special tax to provide supplementary funding to the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District.

Here’s the commentary:

Ron Pasquinelli: Vote No on Regional Park District Tax


We at the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association appreciate The Herald editorial board’s acknowledgement of our “legitimate” concerns about Measure E, a perpetual annual tax for the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District. However, in contrast to The Herald editorial board (Sept. 28, “Yes on Measure E”), we argue that our concerns are significant enough to deserve a no vote from the voters of the district…

Read the whole commentary at Ron Pasquinelli: Vote No on Regional Park District Tax.