According to its official guidelines, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District Assessment District Citizens Oversight Committee for the Measure E tax “shall consist of at least five members representing specific interests and constituencies related to parks, recreation and open space preservation and/or fiscal oversight.” To this end, the late Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association President Ron Pasquinelli served […]

Despite its diligent attempts to serve the people and seek public accountability, the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association has failed to identify a state or local agency that accepts authority for enforcement of California Government Code Section 54964, which prohibits local governments such as parks and recreation districts from using public funds for campaign purposes. On September 14, […]

The Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association submitted an opposition argument and a rebuttal to the support argument from the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District to Measure E, a special tax on the November 8, 2016 ballot. See the arguments and rebuttals here: Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District Argument in Support of Measure E Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers […]