The Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association submitted an opposition argument and a rebuttal to the support argument from the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District to Measure E, a special tax on the November 8, 2016 ballot. See the arguments and rebuttals here: Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District Argument in Support of Measure E Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers […]

In 2015, the elected Board of Directors of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District awarded two no-bid contracts for a total of $80,000 in public funds to a San Francisco-based campaign consulting firm. In 2016, under the authority of the second contract, that firm coordinated with the Park District to design and distribute a four-page folded full-color glossy mail piece about a ballot […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 12, 2016 Contact: Kevin Dayton, (916) 439-2159 Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association Criticizes Park District for Its Publicly-Funded Notice to Voters Promoting Tax Increase Did the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District Cross the Line to Violate Election Laws? The Board of Directors of the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association is criticizing the Monterey […]

UPDATE: The statewide bond and tax measure watchdog group Big Bad Bonds noticed something we didn’t: the indicia for the mailer sent by the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District reveals the involvement of a political consulting firm. This firm was hired by the district board on January 5, 2015 for $35,000. On May 4, 2015, the district board increased […]